06 — 19 —14 through 06 — 29 — 14


Opening Reception

March 5th, from 700 - 1000 PM

Maia Ruth Lee

Jen Shear

Meryl Smith


The aptly titled “Wildworld” is anything but expected with new works from all three creators. Meryl Smith will be presenting a series of new fantastical inspired collage and sculpture pieces that evoke a sense of calm in their intricacy and detail. These pieces will be juxtaposed against installation work from Maia Ruth Lee, who’s work often places a very human quality within an organic setting. Rounding out the exhibition is collage work from Jen Shear who’s icon and symbolistic art presents a pleasing DIY aesthetic amidst an often abundant presence of overly digital creation today.


While the internet has allowed all three artists to gain their own pockets of noteriety, it is their endearing appreciation for working by hand that allows for such different work to feel so strongly unified.





Maia Ruth Lee is an artist based in New York City. She was born in Korea, raised in Nepal, and moved to the US in 2011. Maia’s work covers a wide range of imagery, sculpture, installation and design. Her use of material; sense of color, lightness and organicism give her an iconic recognition. Ultimately influenced by her upbringing in Kathmandu, her works are based on the human condition; rest, survival and death.







Jennifer Shear is not a hippie living in NYC. 27/F/Planet Earth.





Meryl Smith was born in New york in 1979. She continued to study at New York University and still lives and works there. Her art is highly process oriented, using only meticulous and painstaking art making techniques combined with unconventional materials to create fantastical sculptures and collages that celebrate the beauty of animals and nature.